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Gyokuro tea

Gyokuro tea

Gyokuro is one of the most sophisticated tea types in the world. Its name translates from Japanese as “jade dew”, and is one of the most celebrated tea types in Japan! Let us learn more about this extraodinary tea! History and production  Gyokuro tea was first discovered by the owner of Yamatoyama tea company in […]

10 Main Sencha tea benefits

Sencha tea health benefits

Sencha Green Tea is exquisite in many respects. It has an interesting history, charming traditions associated with it, a unique production technique and, most importantly, a great deal of health benefits. Let us discover Sencha tea benefits together! 1. It contains a lot of antioxidants Like many tea types, especially when it comes to Loose […]

6 Greatest Gunpowder Tea Health Benefits

Gunpowder tea

Gunpowder is an extraordinary tea! In addition to having a very interesting history and a unique production technique, it also boasts great health benefits! Let us discover 6 greatest Gunpowder tea health benefits together. 1. It is full of antioxidants. As mentioned above, thanks to the rolling technique used for producing this extraordinary tea type, Gunpowder […]

Genmaicha Loose tea

Genmaicha Loose Tea

Genmaicha Loose Tea is one of the most extraordinary types of Japanese Green Tea. This tea originated in old Kyoto. Its key feature is the presence of a very unusual ingredient in it: the roasted rice.  That is why Genmaicha Tea was very popular with working class people in old Kyoto. The poor farmers could […]

What is Russian Caravan tea?

Russian Caravan article feat image

Russian Caravan tea is a blend consisting of three famous Chinese teas: Lapsang Souchong, Oolong and Keemun. Here we will tell you everything about this extravagant tea, from the etymology of its name to its health benefits!  Russian Caravan Tea. History. Russian Caravan tea originates from the 18th century. In those days, a new method […]

Orange Pekoe Black Tea

Orange Pekoe tea

Orange Pekoe Black tea is one of the most famous Ceylon Black Tea types. Not only is it very nice on its own, but it is also wonderful for blending other tea types, such as the legendary Earl Grey Tea! Let us discover all about Orange Pekoe tea!  Ceylon Black Tea. History and geography The […]