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Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea is known all over the world! It has been one of the most famous types of loose leaf black tea for almost two centuries! It owes its name to the second Earl Grey, and it originated in 1830. As the story has it, one of the Earl’s envoys saved the life of a Mandarin while on a mission to China. The Mandarin expressed his gratitude by sending Earl Grey a delicately-scented blend of tea. That is how the history of Earl Grey tea began.

Nowadays every person who loves tea would recognise the taste and elegant bergamot flavour of this tea! What is more Loose Leaf Earl Grey tea is a very popular choice for afternoon tea. Therefore, it occupies a very important place in the history and lifestyle of Britain, as well as in the history of tea in general! 

Bedford Tea is proud to offer you two types of Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea. Those types of tea are the classic Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea and the Organic Earl Grey Tea, which, as the name betrays it, consists of solely organic ingredients. Please see the description of these types of tea below.

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