Genmaicha Loose tea

Genmaicha Loose Tea

Genmaicha Loose Tea is one of the most extraordinary types of Japanese Green Tea. This tea originated in old Kyoto. Its key feature is the presence of a very unusual ingredient in it: the roasted rice. 

That is why Genmaicha Tea was very popular with working class people in old Kyoto. The poor farmers could not afford very much tea, which was considered an expensive product in the 19th century. 

However, they had a lot of rice, because it grew on their farms. Therefore, they roasted some of the rice from their farms, then mixed the roasted rice with Sencha Green tea leaves, and thus Genmaicha Loose Tea was produced. Thanks to this tradition, Genmaicha Loose Tea is often referred to as “the people’s tea”.


Another advantage that people saw in Genmaicha tea was the fact that, due to the presence of rice in it, it was quite ‘filling’. And given that many peasants were malnourished, not only was it cheaper to have Genmaicha tea (as opposed to other tea types), but it was also very healthy.

Given that Genmaicha Loose tea is quite an unusual tea, there are many other interesting facts surrounding it. For example, it is often referred to as “popcorn tea”. You may wonder why, given that this tea contains no corn. Well, some of the rice grains, contained in this tea, pop during the roasting process, and they do indeed look like popcorn!

Genmaicha Loose tea - genmajcha

Another very interesting ‘nickname’ that Genmaicha tea has is ‘yellow tea’. Why would it be so surprising? Well, the reason is that Genmaicha Tea does not belong to the category of yellow teas. However, when brewed in hot water, sencha and roasted rice do indeed produce a yellow-tinted liquor, hence the association.


Genmaicha Loose tea is, indeed, full of character and originality. You will never confound it with any other tea. It has a full nutty flavour and a roasted rice aroma. It is also a very healthy tea, mainly due to its nutritious values, thanks to the presence of rice in it. It is for this reason that Genmaicha Loose Tea is often recommended to those who cannot tolerate solid food. This tea type is also very popular with the monks, who often drink it during the fasting period. 

Now let us discover other benefits of Genmaicha Loose Tea.

Genmaicha Tea benefits

As mentioned above, one of the main health benefits of Genmaicha tea is the fact that it is very filling. However, there are a number of other characteristics of this tea type that are indeed very healthy.

For example, Genmaicha loose tea does not contain too many tea leaves. Thus, it contains very little caffeine, and can therefore be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

Additionally, thanks to the rice starch contained in it, this tea is not at all acidic, which is very good for digestion and for your general wellbeing. 

Immune system boost

Another great advantage of this tea type is the fact that, like all types of Loose Leaf Green Tea, it is extremely rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which are crucial for cancer prevention, and are a very good remedy against the ageing of your skin. 

Moreover, Genmaicha Loose Tea contains a substantial amount of ascorbic acid, which is a source of Vitamin C, whose benefits for your immune system cannot be overestimated. 

Furthermore, Genmaicha Tea contains some theanine, responsible for lowering your blood pressure, and therefore preventing the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. 

Lapsang Souchong benefits

Finally, Genmaicha Loose Tea is very good for relaxation and, given its extraordinary taste, is a source of pleasure ! 

Given that the most important ingredient of Genmaicha tea is Sencha Green Tea, it shares all the benefits with the latter. To learn more about Sencha benefits, feel free to read our article entitled “10 Main Sencha Tea Benefits”.

Genmaicha Brewing Instructions

Genmaicha tea does not only contain Sencha green tea. As mentioned previously, one of its main ingredients is roasted rice.
However, the brewing process of Genmaicha Tea is quite similar to that of other green tea types.
It needs to be brewed in 80 – 85 °C water for about 5 minutes before tasting. 

Genmaicha Tea

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