10 Main Sencha tea benefits

Sencha tea health benefits

Sencha Green Tea is exquisite in many respects. It has an interesting history, charming traditions associated with it, a unique production technique and, most importantly, a great deal of health benefits. Let us discover Sencha tea benefits together!

1. It contains a lot of antioxidants

Like many tea types, especially when it comes to Loose Leaf Green Tea, Sencha Green Tea is very rich in antioxidants. The main antioxidants it contains are those from the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) group. These elements are very good at preventing the degeneration of your DNA and, consequently, are good for cancer prevention. What a wonderful advantage to start the list of Sencha tea benefits.

2. Improves your heart health

The catechins contained in Sencha Green Tea are very good for improving your cardiovascular health. You may wonder how this is possible. Well, given that these elements (the catechins) are very good at reducing LDL cholesterol (or “bad” cholesterol) levels in your blood, this also leads to a lowered risk of a heart attack or a stroke.

Lapsang Souchong benefits

This is the case because the LDL cholesterol blocks your blood vessels, which makes your blood circulation process more difficult, therefore provoking fits of high blood pressure, that may lead to such serious conditions as a heart attack or a stroke. That is why we think that the fact that Sencha Green tea tends to prevent these conditions is a great addition to Sencha Tea Benefits.

3. Good for weight loss 

What a wonderful benefit this one is, especially for women! Not only do the catechins contained in this wonderful tea type reduce the risk of major diseases, but they also tend to boost your metabolism, thus aiding your weight loss! Isn’t it marvellous! 

4. Good for your digestive tract 

Sencha Green Tea is very good for your digestion, not least because it contains elements that can prevent some kinds of food poisoning (like salmonella). This particular benefit has not been clinically proven, but the elements contained in this type also exist in many medications used for this condition. 

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5. Can prevent allergies

The catechins that this tea type contains are extremely beneficial for you! For example, it has been proven that Sencha Green Tea may reduce the symptoms of different kinds of allergies, such as food allergies, for example. Therefore, if you take a cup of Sencha Tea after a meal, you are likely to have a pleasant time afterwards! Isn’t it a nice addition to the list of Sencha tea benefits? 

6. Is a boost to your immune system

This point is very important, especially now during the time of the pandemic! Sencha Green tea is rich in Vitamin C, whose advantages for the immune system are widely known. Therefore, if you wish to remain healthy, and not have to take unpleasant medications for that, Sencha tea would be a wonderful alternative! 

7. Very good for your teeth

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Oh, this point in the long list of Sencha Tea Benefits is very important indeed, not least because it would help you save money. It has been confirmed that Sencha Green Tea contains fluoride, which improves your teeth health. Therefore, the visits to your dentist will be less frequent, and less painful. 

What is more, given that it is universally acknowledged that dental treatment is expensive in the UK, it will be a boost to your budget! 

8. It keeps your brain alert

Like many green tea types, Sencha Green Tea contains about 20 – 30 mg of caffeine per cup. It is not very much compared with coffee (212 mg/ a cup of espresso) or even black tea (50-70 mg per cup). Therefore, it will definitely not lead to any health issues connected with consuming different products rich in caffeine, such as high blood pressure.

Lapsang Souchong benefits

On the other hand, the amount of caffeine that Sencha Green Tea contains is more than enough to keep your brain alert and healthy, as well as to improve your concentration! What a charming addition to the array of Sencha Tea Benefits! 

9. It is good for relaxation

In spite of the above, not only does Sencha Green Tea help you keep alert and active, but also it is wonderful for your relaxation. You may wonder why. Well, this tea type contains important amino acids, including the theanine, that is known for its anti-stress qualities. Therefore, a cup of Sencha green tea will set your mind at rest.

10. It boasts a unique taste

What a wonderful way of ending this long list of 10 main Sencha Tea Benefits! Not only is Sencha Green Tea extremely healthy, but it also has an extraordinary taste, which is especially true regarding more refined types of Sencha, such as Gyokuro tea.

Sencha Tea benefits

Its production technique implies preserving most of its natural qualities. Therefore, you can feel the taste of green tea at its best when tasting Sencha tea! 

The number of Sencha Tea Benefits is really impressive, but given that Sencha Tea has a superior version, Gyokuro tea, these benefits will be enhanced in this particular tea type. To learn more about it, feel free to discover our article entitled “Gyokuro Tea”.

Bedford Tea proudly offers you many types of Sencha Green Tea Loose Leaf, from the simple version of Sencha Green Tea, to the most refined types of Sencha, such as Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea and Japanese Organic Gyokuro Green tea

All our Sencha Tea types exist in an organic version. Therefore, if you are a UK resident, keen on drinking very healthy and tasty tea, do not hesitate to pay us a visit! 

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