Gyokuro Tea

Gyokuro Green Tea


Gyokuro Tea

The exquisite quality, refinement and delicacy of Gyokuro tea cannot be overestimated! Although not much of this tea is produced every year, Gyokuro tea occupies the highest place in the hierarchy of Japanese Green Tea. The word “gyokuro” translates from Japanese as ‘jade dew’, owing to the delicate colour of its infusion. 

Gyokuro tea owes its exquisite qualities to the fact that its growing process is different from that of other teas. Most of Gyokuro Tea comes from a town called Uji, in the suburb of Kyoto. This type of tea is not fully exposed to the sun, but is shaded from the sun. Therefore, its leaves do not dry out in the sun, and keep most of their original qualities and vitamins.

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