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Our aim :
Offering the best teas at the best prices

We are a team of enthusiastic people, and what unites us is our passion for fine tea! Therefore we decided to open a tea shop, that would offer the finest tea in the UK! 

We started preparing this business a couple of years ago. We travelled to different countries, including China, Japan, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, as we were particularly keen on selecting only the best teas in order to offer them to our clients!

Not surprisingly, it also took us a while to choose a name for our tea shop. And there we thought about one of the most famous traditions connected with tea, i.e. afternoon tea!

There was a time in the 1840s, when Anna, Duchess of Bedford, introduced this time-honoured ritual that continues to our own day.  So now, almost two centuries later, we chose the name “Bedford Tea” for our tea shop, in order to pay tribute to the dukedom of Bedford, where this precious tradition of afternoon tea originated. Thus, we are delighted to offer you a wide range of the world’s finest teas under this name!

We can offer you a wide selection of high quality teas from all over the world. Our choice of tea ranges from the classic blends, such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast or Sencha, to our original flavoured teas and infusions! In addition, we have a vast variety of organic teas, consisting of solely organic ingredients.

Feel free to discover our selection of teas and infusions, and find your cup of tea! 

We operate all over the UK and offer very low delivery fees, as well as free shipping on orders of over £35! 


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Customer rating

“Highest quality loose leaf teas and infusions sourced from talented producers from all arould the world”

The whole Bedford Tea team welcomes you and hopes that you will join us on an exceptional taste journey through our high quality teas and infusions.

– Aleksandra L.