10 White tea benefits

White tea benefits

White tea is one of the most sophisticated tea types. It is also one of the rarest ones. Many tea gourmets are particularly fond of this tea, but little do we know that not only is white tea very refined, but it also has a number of health benefits! Please discover white tea benefits below. 

1. It contains a lot of antioxidants

Oh yes, this is the first and foremost benefit of all tea types! However, it refers to white tea even more than to other tea types because, since this tea type is the least processed of all, it has a much larger amount of antioxidants that any other tea type, including green tea! 

Most antioxidants contained in white tea are from the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which are very good at improving your general health, protecting your DNA and preventing some serious diseases. Isn’t it a wonderful addition to the list of White Tea Benefits. 

2. Improves your heart health

This too is one of the most important white tea benefits. The catechins contained in white tea are very good for improving your heart health. This can be achieved by reducing the LDL cholesterol (or “bad” cholesterol) levels in your blood cells. Since this cholesterol is often responsible for heart problems, such as high blood pressure, white tea may help you prevent this condition. 

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Another important thing to say about the LDL cholesterol is that it blocks your blood vessels, which makes your blood circulation process more difficult, therefore provoking such serious conditions as a heart attack or a stroke. Consequently, if you drink white tea, it may reduce the risk of your contracting any of these serious diseases.

3. Good for weight loss 

White tea benefits don’t stop here! Not only are the catechins contained in white tea very good for your heart health, but they also stimulate your metabolism, which leads to weight loss. So, you are not unlikely to be pleasantly surprised by your slim figure if you indulge in white tea every now and then! 

4. It prevents the development of diabetes 

The above-mentioned catechins do not only aid weight loss, but they also tend to lower the sugar levels in your blood. Therefore, if you drink white tea regularly, you are less likely to develop the Type 2 Diabetes, which may lead to a number of health problems. Isn’t it a marvellous addition to the list of white tea benefits? 

5. Very good for your teeth

In addition to boosting your general health, white tea benefits lead to improving your financial situation. You may wonder how, because white tea doesn’t tend to be particularly cheap. Well, there are things that are even more expensive: your teeth health! 

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The elements contained in white tea, such as flavonoids, tannins and fluorides are responsible for preventing tooth decay. These components also have quite strong antibacterial properties. Therefore, your visits to your dentists will become rarer with the help of… a nice cup of tea! 

6. It is good for your brain health

White tea benefits are extremely wide-ranging, and one of the most important ones is improving your brain health! The thing is that white tea contains an element called L-Theanine, which is very good for you in many respects.

First it restrains the stimuli that lead to the overactivity of your brain. It therefore improves your focus and allows you to take a more relaxed attitude in times of stress.

What is more, L-theanine also improves the alertness of your brain, so drink white tea and be bright! 

7. It is wonderful for your skin

Oh yes, many of us would like to have a young and refreshed skin, and white tea will help you with this.

The reason for that is a high concentration of antioxidants in white tea, many of which have antiseptic qualities that might help you clear the acne on your face and even out your complexion. 

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Incidentally, this result can be achieved by two methods. You can either drink some white tea and it will indirectly boost your skin or, otherwise, you may wish to apply some white tea to your skin, which can prove even more effective. White tea can also be used as a face cleanser.

Besides, white tea benefits extend to many other aspects in which this tea type might improve your skin health. For example, the antioxidants contained in white tea are good at preventing free radicals, which may lead to wrinkles and pigmentation. Therefore, your skin will look younger if you drink more white tea.

Finally, white tea is quite rich in phenols that tend to strengthen your skin and make it smoother. Isn’t it glorious? 

8. It will make your hair beautiful

Another lovely addition to the white tea benefits is the fact that it is very good for your hair. First of all, the above-mentioned antioxidants have anti-inflammatory qualities that will lead to reducing the amount of dandruff in your hair, if you apply some white tea to your hair after shampooing. 

So, white tea benefits connected with your beauty and wellbeing are just as important as those boosting your general health. 

9. It helps pain relief

Thanks to its anti-inflamatory qualities, white tea is very good for relieving minor aches and pains. What is more, a cup of white tea would make one feel better already, wouldn’t it? 

10. It boasts a unique taste

Well, a very nice way to end the long list of white tea benefits, isn’t it? As mentioned above, white tea is one of the most sophisticated tea types. Therefore, white tea taste is utterly unique! What is more, since white tea contains very little caffeine (only 15-30 mg per cup), it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, including the evening! 

White tea benefits

Bedford Tea proudly offers you several types of White tea, the most important being White Peony Tea and the very refined Silver Needle Tea.

We also have some flavoured white tea types in our White Tea collection. Therefore, we will gladly help you choose your favourite white tea, that will not only please you with its unique taste, but make you healthier!

In addition to white tea, we gladly offer you some other sophisticated tea types, such as rooibos tea. To learn more about it, discover our article “What is Rooibos Tea“! 


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