5 Main Assam tea benefits

Assam tea benefits

Even though Assam is a world-famous tea, not much is known about Assam tea benefits!

This tea is well-known for many reasons. Assam is the only tea whose leaves grow on a particular type of camellia sinensis, which is camellia assamica. This tree is much taller than the original camellia sinensis and has much larger leaves. That is why Assam tea has such a strong and original taste! However, not only is this tea original, but it is also extremely beneficial for your health. In which way?
Let us discover this!

  1. A high content of antioxidants

One of the greatest Assam tea benefits is the antioxidants that it contains. Indeed, Assam tea is rich in different plant compounds, such as theaflavins, catechins and many others.

Those elements are very healthy for a number of reasons. First of all, they are very good at disease prevention. The main purpose of antioxidants is that they protect your body against free radicals. Given that Assam tea is very rich in antioxidants, it is superlative for disease prevention.

Secondly, antioxidants are known to prevent, or at least to slow down, the ageing processes. They make your skin fresher and more elastic, which would definitely be a great bonus!

In addition, thanks to the antioxidants it contains, Assam tea is known to reduce inflammation, and may even cure minor colds.

  1. May boost the health of your heart

Heart health benefit tea

Not much research has been done on this particular Assam tea benefit. However, given that this tea type contains a lot of polyphenols, this is very likely to be true.

You may wonder why. Well, polyphenols are known to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Therefore, there is a lower risk of high blood pressure, weight gain and, consequently, serious diseases such as a heart attack or a stroke.

  1. Will probably be good for your brain health

As in the previous case, we cannot be absolutely sure about the connection between Assam tea and brain health. On the other hand, the theaflavins, that Assam tea contains, have been widely used in medicine to prevent degenerative brain illnesses.

In addition, other elements contained in this tea are capable of preventing the development of the Alzheimer disease.

Finally, there is a certain Assam tea benefit for your brain. Given that it is a relatively strong tea, it is likely to have an effect on your brain comparable with that of coffee. It will make your brain more alert and, therefore, improve your attention! That is why, in addition to its extraordinary taste, it is also a very “brainy” tea!

  1. May be a great support to your immune system

Assam tea benefits

Here is another type of Assam tea benefits: a boost to your immune system! Assam tea contains a lot of prebiotics, which are there to maintain healthy bacteria.

Therefore, even though there is no definite proof of this health benefit, it is most likely to be true! Why? Because healthy bacteria boost your immune system by fighting against different viruses.

  1. May reduce your risk of cancer

As mentioned above, Assam tea is extremely rich in antioxidants. It is widely known that antioxidants are great for supporting your immune system, as well as preventing different diseases, including cancer.

This is probably the most important of all Assam tea benefits. Therefore, a cup of Assam a day keeps the doctor away!

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Therefore, if you wish more Assam tea benefits, here is another one that you will find our Assam Loose Leaf tea types: its organic components!

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