Flavoured black tea types

Flavoured Black Tea Types

Flavoured Black Tea types are those that contain other elements in addition to a classic black tea.

The examples of such tea types include Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea, Russian Caravan Tea, English Breakfast tea, etc. Those tea types are very popular, because the addition of other elements make their taste and fragrance much more interesting! Let us discover the most important flavoured black tea types!

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea is a blend of three different teas coming from Kenya, Sri Lanka and China. The  most common version of this type of black tea consists of the Kenyan black tea, Ceylon tea and Keemun tea.


English Breakfast tea originated in Scotland in the 1880s. A decade later this tea became extremely popular in Britain, thanks to Queen Victoria. The Queen tasted this tea at Balmoral, fell in love with it, and brought it to England. It is at that time that British people started referring to Breakfast tea as ‘English’ despite its Scottish origins. This type of tea is rather strong, so would be very nice with a dash of milk.

Russian Caravan Tea

Russian Caravan Tea

Russian Caravan tea is a blend of three Chinese black teas – Keemun, Lapsang Souchong and roasted Oolong. This type of black tea pays homage to the camel caravans that delivered tea and other goods from China to Russia in the 19th century.


The journey was long, usually lasting several months. Thus, due to the campfire smoke that the tea endured in transit, it acquired a smoky taste. Therefore, the presence of Lapsang Souchong in this blend brings to mind the sweet smell of a woodfire.


This tea, which is a wonderful addition to our list of Flavoured Black Tea Types is delicious without milk and would be a beautiful choice for afternoon tea!

Earl Grey tea. The king of flavoured black tea types! 

Earl Grey Flavoured Black Tea

Earl Grey tea is world-famous and is a definite afternoon tea classic! This type of black tea owes its name to the second Earl Grey. As the story has it, one of the Earl’s envoys saved the life of a Mandarin whilst on a mission to China in the 1830s. The Mandarin expressed his gratitude by sending Lord Grey a very fragrant blend of tea. 


Earl Grey tea is a blend of large-leafed China tea, Darjeeling tea and oil of bergamot. It is wonderfully fragrant and would be excellent with cakes and sweet treats! 

Enjoy a cup of this world-famous tea!


If you would like to learn more about Earl Grey Tea, feel free to discover our article entitled “What is Earl Grey Tea?“, where you will find out more about this wonderful tea!


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