What is Assam tea?

What is Assam Tea

Wondering what is Assam tea? Willing to know more about this highly original and noble blend? This article is there to help you.

Assam tea is a black tea type that originates from the Assam province situated in the Northeast region of India. It is grown on the lower-lying flood plains of the Brahmaputra River valley. The best quality Assam loose leaf tea comes from the upper and central parts of Assam province. 

Assam Tea is the only tea in the world that grows on tea trees called camellia assamica. This tree is a variety of the traditional camellia sinensis. Camellia assamica differs from the original tree in two ways: it is much taller and has larger leaves.

You may wonder why camellia sinensis grows taller in this region. Well, monsoon rains play an important role in the production of Assam tea. The monsoon season takes place from May till October. Due to the humidity, the soil becomes richer and more favourable for the trees to grow.

As a result, not only is camellia assamica taller than the original tree, but it also has larger leaves. In virtue of this, much more leaves can grow on this tree. That is why Assam tea is the most widely produced tea in the world!

What is Assam tea harvesting like?

Assam tea harvesting

There are two harvesting times for Assam Loose Leaf Tea, referred to as “first flush” and “second flush”.

First flush Assam tea leaves are harvested in April, just before the monsoon season. Given that those tea leaves have not been exposed to the sun, the tea from these leaves has a lighter and more delicate flavour than second flush tea. Bedford tea can offer you Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush which, in addition to its original taste and numerous health benefits, contains solely organic ingredients.

The harvesting time for the Second flush Assam tea is between May and June. Second flush Assam tea is more exposed to the sun than its First flush peer. What is more, it also grows in wetter conditions. Therefore, its taste is considered more malty and richer than that of First Flush Assam tea. Bedford Tea proudly offers you Organic Second Flush Assam Tea. Just like our Organic Assam Black Tea First Flush, this tea contains solely organic ingredients, and is of the highest quality.

Why Assam Tea is famous?

Assam tea with milk

Assam tea is famous for many reasons. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, it is the only tea type in the world that grows on camellia assamica, a taller and “leafier” variation of the traditional camellia sinensis. Secondly, the production of Assam tea incorporates about 50% of all Indian Black tea types.

However, what is Assam tea’s greatest feature? Well, it is its exquisite taste. Given the geographical and climatic conditions of its growth, Assam tea has a “signature” taste which is malty, slightly bitter-sweet and very “round”. In addition, given the high caffeine content, it is a very strong tea!

Another very interesting point to make about Assam tea is that it is often used for other blends. For example, it is one of the main components for the Afternoon blend!

Finally, Assam tea is also rich in health benefits! To learn more about those, feel free to discover our article “Assam tea benefits”.

When to drink Assam tea?

Types of black tea

So, what is Assam tea drinking time? This question is an interesting one. Given its high caffeine levels and very strong taste, it would be a perfect choice in the morning. Besides, a dash of milk could be a nice addition to your cup of Assam tea! It would also go perfectly with a biscuit or a piece of chocolate.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, Assam Loose Leaf Tea is the crucial component of the Afternoon blend. And, as the name suggests, this tea is best taken in the afternoon. Therefore, we may conclude that Assam tea could be a good choice in the afternoon too. However, it would probably be a good idea to avoid it in the evening.

Assam Loose Leaf tea is in many respects a very interesting tea type. In addition, it is a very healthy tea. Feel free to discover 5 Main Assam Tea Benefits

In addition to Assam Loose Leaf Tea, Bedford Tea is glad to offer you a vast collection very fine loose leaf tea. We deliver our tea all over the UK, and offer a free delivery for all orders of over £35! Feel free to visit our site and discover our vast collection of tea!

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