10 Pu Erh Tea Benefits

Pu Erh Tea Benefits

Pu Erh is a world-famous tea, not least thanks to its healthiness. This article is dedicated to Pu Erh tea benefits

Pu Erh Tea is the only post-fermented tea. Strictly speaking, it is the only black tea because the Chinese refer to black tea (or ‘fermented tea’) as ‘red tea’. On the other hand, given that Pu Erh undergoes additional fermentation compared to other oxidised tea types, it is unmistakably a black tea.

Given its unusual production process, this tea type has unique qualities! Therefore, feel free to discover 10 most important Pu Erh Tea benefits!

Pu Erh tea benefits

1. It aids weight loss

Well, this is an invaluable benefit, especially for women! That is why we placed it in the first place amongst all Pu Erh tea benefits! Pu Erh tea contains a lot of polyphenols, as well as lovastatina that participate in breaking down fat cells. Therefore, it is bound to make you lose weight, in addition to a healthy diet!

2. It helps digestion

Well, the first two Pu Erh tea benefits go hand in hand because, thanks to the fat breakdown, Pu Erh tea is very good for your digestive system! 

Another reason why it is bound to boost your digestion is that some of the components of this tea are responsible for maintaining good bacteria in the intestines. Consequently, it improves the general health of your digestive system.

3. It prevents certain types of diabetes. 

This benefit is also a very important one among other Pu Erh tea benefits. Given that Pu Erh tea decreases blood sugar level, it definitely lowers the risk of the Type 2 diabetes, which is a great addition to other bonuses of this tea, isn’t it? 

Pu Erh Tea benefits

4. It improves the health of your heart.

Pu Erh Tea works wonders in regulating your cholesterol levels! It increases the amount of good cholesterol in your blood, and decreases bad cholesterol! What a great bargain!

In addition, given that cholesterol levels are closely connected with the risk of serious consequences, such as a heart attack or a stroke, Pu Erh Tea definitely lowers the risk of these illnesses. Therefore, it improves your general heart health!

5. It has a positive impact on your brain

Well, this is another undeniable component in the list of Pu Erh Tea benefits! According to a scientific research conducted in the USA, some of the components of Pu Erh Tea are great at preventing or slowing the development of certain brain-related illnesses. For example, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease.

6. It will help reduce your anxiety

Not only will Pu Erh Tea make your brain more alert, but it will also set your mind at rest! And all this due to one of the most important Pu Erh Tea benefits: the content of gamma-aminobutyric acid! This acid has many great qualities, including anxiety reduction! 

Antioxidants Pu Erh

7. Pu Erh tea contains a number of antioxidants

Like many other tea types, Pu Erh also boasts this particular benefit: a high content of antioxidants. Those elements work wonders on our body! And their main advantage is the fact that they protect our cells against free radicals and, therefore, prevent serious diseases, such as cancer! 

8. It has an anti-inflammatory effect

In addition to all above-mentioned Pu Erh Tea benefits, it also has anti-inflammatory effects! The reason for this is that the microbes present in the Pu Erh fermentation process are responsible for reducing inflammation. Hence the effect!

Pu Erh Tea benefits skin

9. It improves the quality of your skin. 

Yes, Pu Erh Tea benefits do not end there… Another very important one is the fact that, due to a high level of antioxidants, Pu Erh increases the elasticity of your skin. Consequently, not only will you become healthier, slimmer and calmer while drinking this miraculous tea, but also it will make you look younger!

Additionally, it tends to kill harmful bacteria, which reduces the number of acne that you may have.

10. It is, after all, very pleasant to drink! 

Well, well, we have covered all Pu Erh Tea benefits, but one. Last but not least, Pu Erh Tea boasts an exceptional taste! Its taste, which has woody notes, as well as a slightly bitter-sweet side, is most original, and unforgettable! 

Therefore, enjoy a cup of Pu Erh Tea

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