7 tips to make your tea tasting even more enjoyable

Tea tasting

Bedford tea offers our customers the best loose leaf tea in the UK! Our very fine tea is enjoyable as it is. However, there are still tips to make your tea tasting even more enjoyable!

As the saying has it, everything we like is either illegal, immoral or fattening! Well, it might be possible to contest this statement. We do know at least one exception to this “rule”, which is most definitely tea! This miraculous drink is perfectly legal, moral, and contains very little to no calories, if enjoyed without sugar or milk! We have 7 tips to make your tea tasting even more enjoyable:

1. Choose the right tea

Bedford tea Green tea

Bedford Tea White tea

Bedford tea Rooibos

Well, tastes differ regarding which type of tea one should choose. However, to make your tea tasting more enjoyable, we would recommend going for loose leaf tea. It is usually of a much better quality than that in the teabags. 


Another thing to consider when choosing your tea, or more precisely the type of your tea, is the time of the day. For example, black tea contains lots of theine, that would definitely keep you awake and active. Therefore, it could be a reasonable choice in the morning. As for green tea, it still contains theine but is much milder than its black peer. Therefore, it would be excellent in the afternoon. However, in the evening you could easily go for a herbal infusion. Another option could be a theine-free tea like rooibos, because it won’t prevent you from sleeping well either. What is more, a herbal infusion will be just the right choice for a relaxing evening at the end of a difficult day! 

2. Use the water of the right temperature

Variable temperature kettle
Variable temperature kettle

If you are passionate about tea, it could be a very good idea to choose a variable temperature kettle. Therefore, it will be very easy to warm the water to the temperature that would be suitable for your tea. You might be wondering why this is so important. Well, it is because every type of tea has its ideal brewing temperature. If you brew your tea at the right temperature, your tea tasting would be just wonderful!

For example, it is preferable to use 95°C water for black tea. As for green tea, 80°C would be more suitable. On the other hand, 60°C water would be an even better choice for superior quality green tea, such as gyokuro.

85°C water would be best for white tea, and 100°C – for all theine-free teas (such as Rooibos), herbal and fruit teas and infusions. Usually, if you buy loose leaf tea, you will usually find the ideal brewing temperature on the package.

Don’t have a variable temperature kettle? There are a few tips about adapting your water to the right temperature. To obtain the temperature of 80°C, raise the lid after boiling the water and wait for one minute. For the 70°C water the waiting time would be 2 minutes, for the 60°C water – 3 minutes.

3. Choose the right teapot

Chinese teapot
Flowering tea

You might wonder why it is so important to choose the right teapot. Well, it is because some teapots, especially clay ones, tend to preserve the aroma of the tea. Therefore, you can definitely use clay teapots as often as you choose. However, it is important to try to brew the same tea all the time. In this case the tea aromas would not “argue” in the teapot. 

Another important thing about choosing the right teapot is the capacity of the latter to keep the tea warm. For example, if you are making a large amount of tea to drink it during the day, it would be reasonable to put the tea in a thermos. Thus it will remain warm at least for several hours. 

Additionally, if you would like to indulge in flowering tea, it is a very good idea. Because not only can it boast an exquisite taste but it is also very exciting to watch when a tea ball turns into a flower while brewing. Would you like to contemplate this beautiful scene? Then it would be preferable to brew flowering tea in a glass teapot. Thus you could admire the fascinating transformation of a tea ball into a flower! 

4. Why not brew your tea in your own mug?

Filter mug

Do you enjoy brewing tea inside a mug, and get a better quality tea than that in the teabags? Then the mugs with a filter are the solution for you. If you want to remain faithful to your own mug, you can also buy a filter separately. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy very good quality tea without any tea leaves inside your mug. You can easily find those mugs in most tea shops and those selling tableware. They are also available in large department stores such as John Lewis or Debenhams.

5. A cup or a mug? That is the question

Elegant tea cup
Tea mug

Well, this is a dilemma. If you are keen to preserve the original temperature of your tea, then a teacup would be a better choice. Why? Because it can only contain a small amount of tea. Therefore, the tea doesn’t have time to get cold. What is more, it is so aesthetically pleasing to enjoy your tea in a nice cup. 


However, if you are used to having your tea in your favourite mug, we have a solution for you! You could just pour small amounts each time, so that the tea could always remain warm. 

6. What about tea bags?

Empty tea bags
Loose Leaf Tea Bags

You might have thought that I am trying to dissuade you from using teabags. Well, there is always a compromise. Would you like to enjoy good quality tea, and not have to wash out the used tea leaves from your teapot every time you have it? Then we have a solution for that! Why don’t you consider using filter tea bags, that are also called “empty tea bags”? You can fill them with tea and then brew the tea inside these bags. Thus you will preserve the quality of your tea and your teapot will remain immaculately clean! 

7. Tea is best at its natural state

Tea tasting in China

If you are used to drinking tea with sugar and / or milk, it is your choice. However, the tea will then not be free of calories. Additionally, milk, sugar, honey and all other ‘complements’ may conceal the natural taste of your tea. In other words, it is preferable to drink tea without additions, to make your tea tasting more enjoyable! Thus you would have the opportunity to fully admire its real taste and aroma. By the way, the same is true for coffee. Its great connaisseurs always have their coffee without any sugar, milk, cream, etc.

Therefore, I would recommend not adding any other elements into your teacup. However, as we all know, tastes differ…

And now, I feel like a cup of tea!

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